Communicating your vision to AI

Describing your dream photoshoot.

January 8th, 2022

Imagine that you're a photographer about to shoot a product, and you have to describe the scene to someone wearing a blindfold. You describe the product and where it is standing in relation to the objects and accessories surrounding it. Next, you describe the background and the environment - is it indoors or out in nature?

***Visually describe your product to Flair AI in the context in which it appears.***

Formula for Best Results ✨

Your prompt should have two or more of the following.

  • Subject: the product ("Skincare Bottle")
  • Placement: where it's standing ("Marble Platform")
  • Surroundings: accessories, decorations, objects next to it ("Flowers")
  • Background/environment: where is it? What's it in front of? ("The ocean and the sunset")

“Skincare bottle

[on/ standing on/ sitting on/ buried in /emerging from / hovering over]

a marble platform

[surrounded by/ next to]


[in front of/with]

the ocean and the sunset

[in the background.]”

“Skincare bottle on a marble platform surrounded by flowers in front of the ocean and the sunset in the background.”

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You can search through user-generated ads here to learn from successful examples. Look up key words to find what you're looking for! Hopefully this will make prompt design less of a dark art and more of a science.

Albert Flores

"Spray Bottle next to a mint leaf in front of a beige background."

Theresa Webb

"Shoes on a platform with a gradient background."

Savannah Nguyen

"Soda can standing on white platform surrounded by daffodils."

Daniel Murphy

"Red bottle in the smooth sand of a tropical beach with a deep orange and pink sunset in the background."

Darrell Steward

"Cosmetic jar on a smooth circular platform surrounded by cherry blossoms in front of a beige background."