Product Photography with Flair

Flair works with the following CPG produts: cans, bottles, mugs, packages, and more!

1. Selecting the product photo

    Do's: ✅

  • The lighting should be natural.
  • The photo should be high definition and clear.
  • Object must be fully in picture.
  • iphone photos look great!
    Don'ts: ❌

  • Select pictures with hands or objects obscuring your product.
  • Upload 3D renders (if you can avoid it - the lighting is not natural)

2. Drag and drop your product photo from your machine.

3. Remove background.

  • Click on your product photo.
  • Click into the Edit tab.
  • Click the "Remove Background" button.
  • If this does not work, we'd recommend going to

Resize & Rotate

  • Pinch corners to resize object
  • Position it optimally.
  • Rotate it by dragging top vertex.
  • Make sure object fits in frame.
  • Note: for best results, make sure object is large enough in the
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